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logo-Morrison-FooterPartnership with our clients requires that we understand their needs from their point of view. To ensure that we have this understanding, Morrison-Maierle is organized in a matrix that consists of nine Market Groups, each led by an individual recognized within that industry. Each of the nine Market Groups focuses on serving a group of clients with similar needs. Market Groups improve our ability to listen to our clients, continuously improve the services we provide to our clients, and train our professionals to deliver exceptional services to our clients. Below are links to more information about each Morrison-Maierle Market Group, including featured services, client types and current projects.

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For more than 70 years, Morrison-Maierle has steadily built relationships within the aviation community. We deliver quality projects that meet our clients’ needs and comply with federal and state regulations.

ARFF Training Centers

Morrison-Maierle has more than 20 years of experience in the development of Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) training centers. Our team is made up of engineers and planners from several of our market groups as this specialty requires experience and understanding of airports, buildings and developments.


Morrison-Maierle’s civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers combine their talents to create comfortable, healthy, energy efficient, LEED-certified, and productive spaces.


Transforming a parcel of land from its existing use to a proposed development requires versatility, technical depth, and a common-sense approach that Morrison-Maierle’s team has.


Industrial operations are faced with improving efficiency, while making government regulatory-associated improvements, and providing environmental stewardship at the same time. Our engineers in the industrial group understand the demands on industrial companies to maintain and often increase production while lowering the overall costs. Projects for industrial clients cover all facets from our market groups.

Natural Resources

Whether facing flood control issues, restoring the beauty to a river or stream, or trying to navigate through the complicated web of environmental permits, we know how to integrate infrastructure into the natural environment to help our clients achieve their project goals.


Land surveying is like many professions that rely heavily on new technology. As new tools and techniques are developed, there is still a need for professionals who understand the foundations of development, construction, land mass, and maintenance.


As states face tightening infrastructure budgets, we work with our clients to study, plan, and develop cost-effective transportation solutions for both the largest highway systems to the smallest rural roadways.

Water / Wastewater

Since most water/wastewater projects present unique challenges, we know how to create solutions for a wide variety of projects. From large cities to small rural communities, our water/wastewater engineers understand that good design is critical to the development of cost-effective, long-term solutions.