Core Values and Vision 2020

Core Values and Vision 2020

Morrison-Maierle’s Core Purpose is, “We create solutions that build better communities” which is founded on four Core Values:

Integrity – We do the right thing

Commitment – We keep our word

Respect – We value people

Excellence – We give our best

In 2016, Morrison-Maierle went through a rebranding process to develop a logo and other branding items to accurately reflect our Core Values.

 vision 2020


In 2013, Morrison-Maierle’s Employee-Owners came up with a plan that provided a path toward its goal of becoming an extraordinary place to work and the preeminent engineering firm in the West. This is now known as Vision 2020.


Morrison-Maierle is a great place to build a career. We are committed to living and preserving our Core Values. Each office uniquely supports and respects our culture, our employee-owners and their families, our clients, and our communities. We attract and retain talented professionals who share our vision through a proven strategy of principled hiring practices. We support employee-owners in finding the proper balance between our challenging work environment and a fulfilling personal life. We practice open dialogue, encourage diversity, and consistently seek innovative solutions in a resolute effort to be the best.


Leadership sets the tone for how we do business. Our leaders establish an environment of mutual respect by modeling our Core Values. Leaders set expectations which are clearly defined, challenging, and attainable. We are committed to clear and effective communication. We address issues and tackle problems directly, with integrity, respect, and compassion. Senior leaders are proactive, strategic, adaptable, and accountable. Emerging leaders are flourishing through professional development, mentoring, and advancement opportunities. We are active industry and community leaders, sharing our time and talents in addition to our professional contributions.


We harness the power of collaboration to achieve outstanding results. Collaboration with our clients and between offices and market groups allows us to realize project delivery excellence, and remarkable business success. We tap into a broad spectrum of perspective, expertise, innovation, and experience to achieve breakthrough goals. We adopt technology and develop systems that support our drive to overcome barriers. Collaboration benefits our clients, rewards us as employee-owners, and maximizes our financial success.


Growth provides opportunities for our employee-owners as we take on new and exciting challenges. With each opportunity, we strengthen our brand, reinforce our reputation for excellence, and advance our careers. We employ a proven, repeatable, and adaptable strategy for identifying new services, geographic locations, and compatible acquisitions, with a focus on peer communities. We are a regional western firm with a diversity of market groups in every office. Our success allows us to invest in our employee-owners’ professional development and reward their achievements. Employee- ownership instills a collective desire for profitable growth guided by our Core Purpose and Core Values.


We are an integral part of our communities. Morrison-Maierle is a leading corporate partner in community organizations. Our financial contributions and donated time and services increase as we grow. While our support of children and education is a constant, we encourage the heartfelt commitment of each office and each employee-owner to causes with local and personal significance. These contributions affirm our connection to the communities we are invested in, and build strong and meaningful relationships.


We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do. Excellence begins with our employee-owners, many of whom are regionally and nationally recognized for their expertise. We cultivate project excellence through our delivery systems, standard practices, technology, and training. We provide excellent service to both internal and external clients, achieving satisfaction levels well above our competition. We design and deliver award-winning projects that benefit our clients. We hold ourselves and each other accountable and expect every employee-owner to strive for excellence in all endeavors.