Professional Development

Professional Development

Morrison-Maierle offers a focus on individual and collective development and continual cultural evolution through cutting edge internal programs. We have nothing of greater value than our employee/owners. We believe well-trained, highly motivated employee-owners are the most important means of serving our clients.

Morrison-Maierle University

Morrison-Maierle University is intended to provide you with development resources, giving you access to the very best we have to offer.  From classroom training events and webinars to self-development materials and virtual classes, the University offers a strong basis to manage a truly progressive career.

Strength and Mentoring Dialogues

At Morrison-Maierle, an employee’s success and performance are documented through feedback, at a minimum, in our annual appraisal process. The main objectives are to give feedback on the employee’s current performance and to receive feedback from the employee with regard to assignments, conditions, and work environment.

During the dialogue, targets and objectives are agreed upon and steps for professional development are planned. We do not only document success and outstanding performance – achievements are personally acknowledged, rewarded, and often specially celebrated.

To us, being competent means not only striving for the highest goals, but also achieving them – earning the trust and support of clients and peers. In order to continue to convince by true professionalism, we feel it necessary as an employer to create the right environment to enable our staff to gain up-to-the-minute knowledge and to expand their skills continuously. We are proud to experience every day that our management and employees are convincing in their personal and professional competence. Otherwise, we could not have achieved so much over the last 67 years.

Some other perks include promotional and merit salary increases; tuition reimbursement; civic dues; in-service training; technical training; local, regional and national conferences; and relocation allowances.