Bert Mooney Airport Terminal

Morrison-Maierle was the prime consultant on this project and was hired by The KPA Group of San Francisco to design the site civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and

ACEC Engineering Excellence Award
2019 Engineering Excellence Award winner

structural engineering components of this 32,000 square-foot Bert Mooney Airport Terminal in Butte, Montana. Known in Montana as the Mining City, Butte – and now the airport – contain many features that mirror the city’s historic past.

The firm’s Airports Market Group was selected to complete the project which included all FAA grant management, financial planning, and site planning. This included the design and construction of the parking lot, site utilities, terminal development, and meeting FAA airport eligibility requirements. Morrison-Maierle’s Buildings Market Group was responsible for the structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. Both the groups also handled the construction management of the project.

In terms of structural elements, some of the more definitive structural features include the terminal entrance — the top and front half of a headframe outside and the bottom and back half inside. Patrons walk through two sets of automatic sliding-glass doors, under the headframe and a giant skylight. The building has a large basement and a main level with 38-foot ceilings in the center.

With the new HVAC design, the airport has reported drastically reduced utility costs compared to the old terminal building. Features include:

• The HVAC system consists of a centralized variable volume air handling unit in the basement that supplies air to the zones. Each zone has a variable air volume box with reheat coil to ensure and maintain comfortable temperatures.
• The building also has three high-efficiency condensing boilers that supply water to terminal devices that flows to the air handling unit.
• The heating for the hot water system uses lower water temperatures in order to increase combustion efficiency.
• The building has a centralized Direct Digital Control system that controls all HVAC components. This system has energy efficiency control sequences to decrease operational costs such as night-time setback, outdoor air economizer free cooling, and boiler supply water temperature reset.

The electrical features include:
• The lighting in the facility includes LED cylindrical-style pendant lighting throughout much of the terminal, along with decorative fixtures to complement architectural finishes.
• The power system was designed in accordance with TSA guidelines, airline tenant requirements, and others, and includes provisions for a future generator to back up the entire facility.
• Other systems include an access control system, CCTV and security system, public address and speaker system, and a fire alarm system.
• Electrical systems also include lighting for the parking lot and apron.

Morrison-Maierle’s Airports Market Group has also provided the engineering design the milling and repaving of the runways at Butte airport.  Click here to read more about this project.

The new airport terminal was open to the public and placed into service in February 2018.

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