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Cloud Peak Energy Implement Design Services

Morrison Maierle provides structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering support services for Cloud Peak Energy on an on-call basis. Some of our projects include designing and certifying devices and mining implements that are used in Cloud Peak Energy’s everyday mining operations to provide a safer work environment. A lot of the equipment used in mining is heavy and robust, and the designs of this equipment need to support this type of work in a safe environment without the risk of injury.

Many of the projects Morrison-Maierle has designed for Cloud Peak are portable storage racks to store heavy tools used during the company’s mining and processing operations. Other projects include extensions for hand tools to assist in carrying heavy loads, renovation of work places to make them safer, and design of work platforms that are used on forklifts, 300-ton haul trucks, and bulldozers.

In addition to providing design services for safety, Morrison-Maierle has provided energy audits and modeling for Cloud Peak’s building facilities at the Spring Creek Mine in Decker, Montana.