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Kettle River Mill Phase V-A Tailings Dam Raise

The Phase V-A Tailings Dam Raise project is part one of a three-part raise for the tailings storage facility at the Kettle River Mill Site. The dam raise was unique in that the project site was unfavorable for typical out-board earth fill construction methods, and was therefore designed with an in-board, cantilevered raise that placed imported fill upon stabilized tailings materials.

Morrison-Maierle, Inc. performed a constructability review. Following this review contract documents were prepared, a competitive tendering process was executed, and a contractor was selected for the project. Morrison-Maierle performed contract administration and construction observation services for this project that involved the placement of approximately 600,000 cubic yards of embankment fill; 350,000 feet of dewatering wick and strip drains; 6,800 feet of dual containment HDPE piping; and 100,000 square yards of 60-mil LLDPE liner material.

The project incorporated approximately 230,000 tons of waste rock material produced in mining operations at related sites. The raise provided an additional 180,000,000 gallons of storage capacity to the tailings impoundment.