Lost Horse Creek Siphon The Ward Canal of the Ward Irrigation District intersects Lost Horse Creek about six miles south of Darby, Montana. Like many irrigation canal and stream interfaces in Montana, irrigation water was dropped from Ward Canal on one side of Lost Horse Creek and then pulled off the other side of the creek into the canal resulting in a mixing of creek and irrigation water. During low flows in the summer, irrigators were not able to hydraulically deliver water across the creek without damming it, which blocked most of the natural flow that served the irrigation district. To solve this problem, Morrison-MaierleRead More →

Moose Creek Road North and South This project involves the relocation of 4.1 miles of Montana Secondary Highway 569 in a Wildlife Management Area and illustrates the successful integration of our surveyors, environmental scientists and civil and engineering staff to design approximately four miles of new highway in an ecologically important area for moose winter habitat. Our scientists completed haz-mat inventories, biological assessments, wetland delineations and aquatic resource documentation for the evaluation of three different proposed alignments to support the NEPA process and to allow the Montana Department of Transportation and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to evaluate the best overall alignment. This project designRead More →

Deep Creek Canyon Environmental Awards: 2016 Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Montana (ACEC), Environmental Category; 2015 Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Montana, Structural Systems (including bridges) Category; 2014 APWA Rocky Mountain Chapter Project of the Year Award. High flows during the 2011 spring runoff resulted in significant erosion of the US Highway 12 embankment and damaged bridges crossing Deep Creek. The subsequent flooding required emergency maintenance to prevent structural loss, and triggered a project to replace three bridges in the initial phase of a three-phase construction program. After careful analysis, the Montana Department of TransportationRead More →

Hedge Diversion Dam Replacement Award: 2011 Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Montana (ACEC), Water Resources Category The Hedge Diversion Dam, which supplies water to the entire Hedge Canal System, serving 778 irrigators and over 6,000 acres of land, had a design life of approximately 50 to 75 years. Thus, at 100+ years, this dam was significantly past its life expectancy. Failure of any major system component would likely have resulted in a total loss of irrigation water as well as physical and environmental damage to the river system, wetlands, and adjacent highway. To avert such a disaster, a projectRead More →