Morrison-Maierle claimed several top honors in the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Montana awards recently.

The Montana Grand Project Award was given to HDR Engineering and Morrison-Maierle for their work on the Hyalite/Sourdough Water Treatment Plant in Bozeman. Upon completion of this project, the City of Bozeman can now meet the complex water infrastructure needs of this rapidly growing mountain community. The Hyalite/Sourdough WTP is a state-of-the-art facility with numerous features that set it apart as a model project and will also serve as a training facility for membrane operators.

Morrison-Maierle also received top honors in the structural systems category for its Deep Creek Segment A-Accelerated Bridge Reconstruction project. By using creative problem solving, engineering research, and input from the public and government agencies, Morrison-Maierle designed a modular, pre-cast bridge system that was built in less than 60 hours. Road closures for three weekends were all it took to replace three bridges in a narrow canyon in rural Montana.

In the small projects category, Morrison-Maierle’s Missoula Hybrid Poplar Irrigation Expansion Project also earned top honors. As the first of its kind in Montana, this project used engineering solutions to help eliminate nutrients from being discharged into the Clark Fork River and sequestered carbon from the atmosphere which is producing valuable wood and energy products.

Morrison-Maierle and its partner Tetra Tech were honored for the I-90 Rockfall Design Build Project. With implementation of this project, clients can now benefit from several cutting edge, slide mitigation systems that have never been used along Montana’s interstates and highways.

In the building/technology systems category, Morrison-Maierle claimed the top prize for the Helena Housing Authority’s Early Learning and Job Training Center. A project that gained LEED Platinum status through the U.S. Green Building Council, this project provided teachers with an environment that is not only good for their students, but also good for the environment.

Finally, in the Industrial and Manufacturing Processes and Facilities Category, Morrison-Maierle won first place for their Kinross Fort Know CIC#2 project. This state-of-the-art facility improves the mine’s ability to recover gold from solution at a 94 percent success rate.