Refinery Fire Protection System Hydraulic Modeling

Morrison-Maierle developed and analyzed a hydraulic model of the fire protection system for a refinery. The purpose of the model was to evaluate and determine whether or not the existing fire protection system met flow requirements and to make recommendations on upgrades to the system.

AutoCAD drawings of existing fire mains, hydrants, and monitors were exported as Geographic Information System (GIS) files and used to create a hydraulic model. A hydrant flow testing plan was developed and implemented in order to properly calibrate the model.

The hydrant testing plan was complicated to develop due to the limited area to discharge hydrant flows. The goal of the hydrant testing was to stress the system at strategic locations so the model could be calibrated more accurately. A number of hydrants were selected based on their hydraulics and the list was narrowed down based on the ability to perform the tests without causing damage to the refinery components.