Transmission and Distribution Power System Services

Morrison-Maierle’s Industrial Market Group provides specialty services in Transmission and Distribution Power System Services for a wide variety of its industrial and commercial clients. Our team offers the following services for projects in both distribution and transmission line engineering:

  • Design of overhead and underground distribution power systems
  • Design cable routes and generation physical layouts of overhead and underground lines
  • Determine electrical equipment needs, including pole heights, conductor sizing, and clearance criteria
  • Determine equipment sizing and provide specifications for procurement
  • Manage sag and stress, voltage drop, short circuit, and power factor
  • Provide coordination of protective devices
  • Provide engineering planning on high-risk fire zones
  • Update or create new construction standards
  • Review and recommend changes to safety standards
  • Provide design and technical support for New Large Industrial Loads (NLIL per BPA)

Additional Services

  • Design of overhead and underground transmission lines, including survey, plan and profile drawings, sag tension charts, staking tables, structure family, and fabrication details.
  • Perform conductor selection studies, shield wire, optical protective ground wire studies, and induction studies.
  • Design transmission line equipment disconnects, GOABs, and line pull-offs.
  • Provide PLS CADD, Pole, and Tower models for current and future projects.
  • Provide planning, routing, ROW acquisition, and community outreach.
  • Generate permitting documents using GIS and any other preferred platform.
  • Perform detailed review of all vendor drawings and specifications as well as bid documents.
  • Assist with or create specifications for hardware, wire, foundations, poles, and construction.
  • Assure adherence to the NESC and other applicable codes.
  • Generate detailed construction packages, estimates, and schedules.
  • Provide detailed as-built documents and PLS .bak files.
  • Provide design review.
  • Field construction services.