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Valuing Our Workforce Through Safety

Morrison-Maierle’s Health and Safety Program took a giant step forward in 2020 with the hiring of a full-time Health and Safety Administrator and the creation of the company’s first Health and Safety Policy Statement and Long-Term Goal for Health and Safety.

Doug Ardary
Doug Ardary, CSP

Doug Ardary, a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with more than 30 years health and safety experience, joined Morrison-Maierle in July 2020. He worked closely with the Safety Advisory Group to formulate the Policy Statement and Long-Term Goal that serves as a vision statement for health and safety for our company.

Prior to Doug’s arrival, administrative responsibilities for health and safety were spread between Alan Erickson, Senior Construction Engineer/Interim Health and Safety Administrator, Letha Ebelt, Human Resources VP, the Safety Advisory Group, and Office Safety Coordinators. Many of these administrative responsibilities have now been consolidated.

According to Doug, “our primary efforts in 2020 were to lay the foundation for a robust Health and Safety Program. With that foundation now firmly in place and fully supported by the Corporate Leadership Team, we will be focusing our efforts on three core health and safety processes in 2021.” Those processes are Health and Safety Training, Hazard Assessments, and Workplace Inspections.

Our people are what makes this company great. Being confident that each and every one of us will go home as healthy as we were when we arrived at work that day is the driving factor behind our efforts in worker health and safety.