Buckhorn Mountain Gold Mine

Buckhorn Mountain Gold Mine

The Buckhorn Mountain Gold Mine in north central Washington has a target production rate of 900 tonnes per day.  When permitting the mine, Kinross chose an underground mine that would leave a much smaller footprint than an open pit mine.

Morrison-Maierle provided multi-disciplined design support to Kinross.  This involved civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, process, and water resource engineers, plus environmental scientists, surveyors, and construction observers.  The design included a SCADA system giving remote control of many of the site’s process systems, as well as monitoring and data recording of system performance.  The surface facilities included six major structures: administration building, change facility, shop, core building, mine water treatment building, and fuel storage and dispensing station.

The surface operation for the mine required buildings, roads, potable water production and distribution, on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems, grading and drainage, storm water facilities and mine water treatment and disposal systems, power supplies, and milling facilities. Effects on streams, vegetation, fish, wildlife, and biological environments were addressed and mitigated in the design.

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