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We all need water, but our in-house groundwater development professionals know there can be several barriers to getting the water you need. From well siting for individual landowners to developing large-scale, multi-well municipal water-supply systems, we have specialized expertise you can count on.

Having years of experience and deep knowledge of problems unique to the Mountain Northwest region, our staff is located in—or nearby—your communities to help you work through a wide range of groundwater issues. From water rights to identifying hydrogeologic resources, we understand your problems because they’re our problems too. Let’s talk more—we’re ready to help with your next groundwater project.

Hydrogeologic Resource Identification

We can identify and gauge the hydrogeologic characteristics of an area to better understand the subsurface environment and the availability of groundwater resources, which can be used to assess the potential for groundwater resources and guide development activities.

Water Rights

We can assess landowners’ water needs and sources, design infrastructure to manage water resources, develop water management plans, and provide technical support to ensure compliance with water rights regulations.

Well Siting

We can help with well siting by assessing the topography and geology of the area, analyzing soil samples, collecting and analyzing water samples, and creating models to simulate groundwater flow. We can also work with government authorities to ensure the well meets all local and state regulations.

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Ravalli County, Montana

The Bitter Root Irrigation District's siphon improves a steel pipeline that delivers surface water from Lake Como to the ditches and canals in the easter side of the Bitterroot Valley.

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