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Funding projects is about strategy. It’s about thinking through the community’s needs and developing strong ties between them and the eventual outcomes and benefits the project provides.  It’s not merely about detailing an expense sheet and timeline–though that is important too. Funding is about the why. 

That’s why we are so successful at helping our clients develop the funding strategies needed to get their projects off the ground. We have extensive experience helping clients of all types with their project funding needs–from water and wastewater facilities, airports, roads and bridges, to buildings projects and more.


  • Grant and loans at the federal and state levels

  • Diversity and equity parameters

  • Community statistics and data

  • Montana Coal Endownment Program (MCEP)

  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)

  • Montana Renewable Resources Planning Grant and Loan (RRGL)

  • USDA – Rural Development grants an loans

  • Army Corps of Engineers

  • Federal Aviation Administration

  • United States Department of Transportation

  • Experience with many other grant and loan agencies

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