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Streambank erosion and instability, fires, and floods are just a few hazards that can impact western communities. Custom, long-term, sustainable solutions are the best way to mitigate hazards. But what if you need to act today? We tackle everything from securing grants to getting you started with hazard planning and prioritization to mitigating hazards already causing problems.

Listening is the key to our approach; we know that no two situations are identical and believe no two solutions should be either. Our goal is to discover the root of the problem so we can help you find the right solution that sustainably improves your community’s resilience during natural disasters.

Whether you need help with hazard mitigation planning, streambank restoration and stability, stream realignment, or flood risk reduction, we are ready to start on your next project.

Featured Services

Flood Risk Reduction

Our engineers help with flood risk reduction by designing and implementing various physical structures such as dams, levees, and flood walls designed to keep floodwaters away from vulnerable areas. We are experienced working with local, state, and federal agencies to create floodplain management plans and regulations that protect people and property from flood hazards.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

We work with private and public clients to identify risks posed by natural and manmade disasters, and to develop strategies to reduce or eliminate the potential losses associated with them. These plans often provide guidance on preparedness, response, and recovery practices that can help communities and individuals plan for and respond to disasters.

Stream Realignment

Stream realignment is the process of restoring a stream‘s natural path and characteristics. Our environmental engineers employ various techniques to reconnect streams to their floodplains, improve water quality, create fish and wildlife habitat, and reduce stream channel erosion.

Streambank Restoration and Stability

Streambank restoration and stabilization is an important tool for protecting our waterways and providing a healthy environment for the aquatic life that lives in them.

Related Projects

South Ponds Remediation

Columbia Falls, Montana

The South Ponds Remediation project returned the site to its natural condition and reduced the need for future operation and maintenance tasks in the Flathead River floodplain.

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