In-House and Individualized Design

Your airport’s primary purpose is to connect your community to the rest of the world. This is a significant responsibility with many moving parts. It would help to have a partner who understands every aspect of your facility and its surroundings.

We provide nearly all of your airport needs in-house. From sourcing funding to bridging the gap between your team and various regulatory agencies to master planning and the design through the construction stage, our team can provide solutions for your airport now and in the future.

Every airport is unique and requires an individualized approach to planning and design. We listen to understand your needs first before jumping into solutions. Our individualized approach allows us to phase plans to accommodate your funding situations, so we can help minimize interruptions at your airport.


  • Access roads and parking improvements

  • Airfield lighting and NAVAIDs

  • ARFF Training Center development

  • Equipment procurement (SRE, ARFF, self-fueling systems, etc.)

  • Fire stations

  • Grant administration

  • Hangar development

  • Land acquisition

  • Master planning, environmental assessments, ALP narratives, tribal cultural clearances

  • Part 139 security plans and systems

  • Program management

  • Runway, taxiway, and apron improvements

  • Site selection, including new airport development

  • Snow removal equipment buildings

  • Terminal expansions

Featured Project


Bozeman Yellowstone Airport Parking Garage

Morrison-Maierle designed a covered, four-level structure with post-tension concrete decks that provide easy-to-navigate, directional turns just steps away from baggage claim and airline ticket counters.

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Bozeman Yellowstone Airport Parking Garage

Featured Services

ARFF Training Centers

Morrison-Maierle has decades of experience in the development of Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) training centers.


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Equipment Procurement

It takes a lot of equipment to run an airport. Whether you need a self-fueling system, a snow removal and equipment system (SRE), or maybe an airport fire training center (ARFF), our team can help assess your needs. From beginning to end, we can deliver sensible recommendations to build-out, procure, and maintain your kit.

Grant Administration

Understanding the funding and grant opportunities available for airports can be daunting to do alone. Our team can help with all phases of grant development, from discovering opportunities to administration.

Airside and Landside

We have experience working on a wide variety of both air and landside projects.

Master Planning

As you know, grant administration and obtaining funding can be difficult and time-consuming. We have a simplified approach and long-term relationships to streamline the process for you, so it’s faster and more efficient.

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Redmond Oregon Airport Snow Removal Building

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