Forward-Thinking Plans for the Future

A good infrastructure plan starts with the end in mind, and it’s where we start when we work with you on your planning needs. We take the time to listen and understand your goals to get at the “why” behind your vision. That involves understanding the issues, challenges, barriers, and impediments that stand between you and a successful project. It involves understanding baseline conditions and where your community is today from a number of different variables.

We can help you and your community prepare the planning documents necessary to support future efforts as well, especially when it comes to getting your projects funded. Whether you are working for an airport, transportation department, local government, or private enterprise, we have the experience to provide clear and actionable plans that move your initiatives forward.


  • Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER)

  • Facility planning

  • Master planning

  • Airport Improvement Plans (AIP)

  • GIS and data asset management

  • Population projections

  • Rate analysis

  • Cost estimating

  • Public meetings and facilitating public participation

  • Hydraulic computations

  • Wastewater treatment process modelling

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