Walk Through Your Project Before Construction

When project owners seek additional confidence and peace of mind from seeing their vision in a three-dimensional environment at a true 1:1 scale, our virtual reality (VR) capability allows for the unique opportunity to walk through and experience a space before construction begins.

By seeing and getting a feel for a space early in the design process, VR empowers our clients to conduct cooperative, live quality assurance reviews that are not possible with more traditional coordination pathways.  In addition to client use, VR enhances the coordination between internal disciplines and helps to eliminate issues well before they could be identified in the field.

VR technology can also be leveraged outside of the design environment. By utilizing our Matterport scanning capabilities, highly detailed models can be generated for existing buildings to offer architects and engineers all the information they need entering design. Scans can also be completed during/after construction to provide facilities management with a complete representation of their building at their fingertips.

We can support our clients looking to take advantage of these benefits by providing the necessary software, hardware, and 3D modelling to achieve a higher level of coordination and improved deliverables during pre-design, design, construction, and post-construction.


  • 2D plan generation of existing building scans

  • Digital twin generation using Matterport

  • Existing building Matterport scans

  • Revit model to VR exports

  • Virtual “on-site” design team meetings

  • Virtual reality walkthrough using a Meta Quest 2 headset

  • VR QA walkthroughs with issue tracking

Matterport Scans

Take a virtual walkthrough of our Kalispell office in this interactive scan using Matterport technology.

We used Prospect by IrisVR to help design the new Glacier Gateway Elementary School in Columbia Falls. The VR software allowed us to coordinate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing elements and get a feel for the building before issuing construction bidding documents.

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