The Quinn Creek bridge between Bozeman and Livingston, under construction.

Designs and Evaluations for Today and Tomorrow

At Morrison-Maierle, we want to help you evaluate, maintain, update, and replace the bridges you rely on. With many bridges in our area nearing the end of their lifespan, evaluations done by an experienced team are critical to ensure they are sound and appropriately load-bearing or to determine if a new piece of infrastructure is necessary.

Floods and other naturally occurring events can cause damage, leaving your previously high-performance bridge’s safety called into question. Whatever the case, we can evaluate your structure to determine the most effective and efficient path forward.

Maybe a bridge has seen better days, but it’s still functioning well enough not to replace. We can help you to bring it into compliance with today’s standards and confirm the strength and load capacity are where it needs to be for optimal functioning.

Bridge Types

  • Backcountry or wilderness bridges

  • Highway interchanges

  • Railroad crossings

  • Rural bridges

  • Vehicle and pedestrian bridges

  • Wildlife crossings

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