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Roads, bridges, multi-use paths, and other surface transportation elements knit our communities together. For our transportation engineers, getting travelers safely from point A to point B on those surfaces is the number one priority.

At Morrison-Maierle, we use recognized standards and our design expertise to ensure that you can upgrade your highways, arterials, intersections, and roadways safely. Whether you’re representing a state department, a municipality, or a rural county, we have the necessary experience to get the right solution for your transportation needs.

With modern vehicles and increasing traffic, many roads in our area need to be reconstructed, or even reimagined, to keep up with changing demands. Our projects help reduce the number and severity of accidents directly related to roadway geometry and driver behaviors. Safer roads reduce delays, saving time and fuel and ultimately benefitting drivers and non-drivers alike.

Together, let’s explore efficient transportation solutions for your community’s growth and development needs.

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