Ownership on Your First Day of Work

Since 1945, Morrison-Maierle has been an employee-owned company in one manner or another. Yet, since 2017, we have been completely employee-owned with our conversion to a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Morrison-Maierle’s ESOP does something that “traditional” retirement plans don’t do; employee ownership allows each of us to directly impact the value of our retirement accounts. As a 100% employee-owned firm, we give you the ability to contribute to your team’s success from day one.

You can feel the difference at an employee-owned firm. As owners, we’re all accountable—to ourselves and each other. That translates into an engaged workforce with colleagues who truly care about you and the success of your career.

When you choose to work for Morrison-Maierle, you’re more than an employee—you’re an owner.

As a 100% employee-owned firm, Morrison-Maierle gives you the ability to contribute to your team’s success from your first day of work.
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Building Better Communities isn’t just Morrison-Maierle’s tagline; it’s what we do every day. I love working with our clients to create solutions for their communities’ challenges, and I feel grateful to be a part of the problem-solving process from start to finish.
Jill Cook, PE
Vice President and Billings Operations Manager
Our employee-ownership culture is a critical reason why I choose to stay at Morrison-Maierle. I feel proud knowing that my actions have a long-term impact on the success of Morrison-Maierle and our stock price.
Joe Hughes, PE
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Working for an employee-owned firm creates a sense of shared ownership on every project. This unique opportunity leads to increased motivation, engagement, and productivity. As an employee-owner, I have a real stake in the firm’s success.
Pete Weber
Senior ICT Designer
I truly believe that Morrison-Maierle projects improve the communities where we live and work. Working on these projects with a close-knit team results in a work culture I look forward to each day.
Aubrey Yerger, PE
Structural Engineer
Employee ownership promotes alignment in our workplace. Everyone from the CEO to the new graduate is pulling in the same direction. Because of a united vision at Morrison-Maierle, we find success that few other firms can match.
John Heine, PE
Civil Engineer

Employee Ownership Committee

Morrison-Maierle’s Employee Ownership Committee (known as the EOC) serves to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the value of employee-ownership. Through celebratory and educational programming, the EOC helps all employee-owners understand that everyone has the opportunity, ability, and responsibility to actively influence the success of our company.

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