Morrison-Maierle Buildings Group Gives Back to Local Schools Our team knows that we couldn’t do what we do without teachers and the education we received from them. That’s why we pay it forward especially when it comes to creating opportunities for students to learn in ways that make education come to life. At Morrison-Maierle we are always looking for ways to provide educators and students with the tools they need to succeed. Here are two examples from our offices in Kalispell and Helena. At the Kalispell Middle School, Mr. Schreiner, Mr. Records, Ms. Owens, Mr. Macauley, and Mr. Ogden applied for Kalispell Education Foundation fundsRead More →

Evilsizor, Hoff-Pruss Named to Buildings Leadership Roles We’re pleased to announce that our Buildings Market Group has two new leaders in our Bend and Missoula offices. Shawn Evilsizor was recently named the Bend office’s new Buildings Market Group Office Leader (MGOL). A senior structural engineer, he started working for us in January 2022. As a graduate of the University of Buffalo (SUNY), Shawn earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and is a licensed civil engineer (PE) and structural engineer (SE). As a relatively new employee-owner, Shawn says he “is thankful to have such a hard-working team of individuals who strive to provide an excellent productRead More →

How to Streamline Your Lead Service Line Inventory By Susan Fenhaus, PE, and Kurtis DeShaw, PE – If you’re reading this article, you may have circled October 16, 2024, on your calendar. This is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) deadline to submit your water system’s Lead Service Line (LSL) inventory. While not due for a while, this project can be long and involves lots of planning and possibly some detective work on your part. We have combed through some helpful pieces of information to help streamline this process for you. While following EPA’s guidelines, each state has provided tools and tips to help their communityRead More →

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Lead Service Line Inventory 101: What You Need to Know By Kurtis DeShaw, PE, and Susan Fenhaus, PE – Conducting an inventory of the lead service lines in your community—just the thought of it probably makes your head spin. Regardless of the records you have and the data at your disposal, there are some critical things you need to know before you begin your utility’s Lead Service Line (LSL) inventory.The following information may be a review for some and new to others. Regardless of where you are in this task, here are some things to help you navigate through this requirement. Q: What is aRead More →

Firm Wins Three 2023 Engineering Excellence Awards Morrison-Maierle was recently honored with three 2023 Engineering Excellence Awards from the Montana chapter of American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). The awards were given in three categories: Structural Systems, Building/Technology Systems, and Special Projects. The Montana State University American Indian Hall (AIH) project took top honors in the Structural Systems category. With features that honor Native American cultures, AIH has a complex footprint that required an advanced structural design to incorporate unique, sustainable, and culturally appropriate features. It is also the first building in Montana to earn a LEED Platinum V4 certification. The Montana State University BobcatRead More →