Our Buildings Group team knows that we couldn’t do what we do without teachers and the education we received from them. That’s why we pay it forward, especially when creating opportunities for our local schools and their students to learn in ways that make education come to life. At Morrison-Maierle, we always look for ways to provide educators and students with the tools they need to succeed. Here are two examples from our offices in Kalispell and Helena.

At the Kalispell Middle School, Mr. Schreiner, Mr. Records, Ms. Owens, Mr. Macauley, and Mr. Ogden applied for Kalispell Education Foundation funds for their Montana Heritage Traditional Log Cabin Build project. They will use logs from Stoltz Timber Company to help connect their students with Montana history by building a traditional, hand-made, classic log cabin as homesteaders did over Montana many years ago.

Students will then market the constructed cabin to the public and sell it to be reconstructed on the purchaser’s property by students. That money will then purchase additional logs for the following year’s construction.

Thank you to Kalispell Education Foundation Board Members Sue Brown and Dr. Lynn Dykstra as well as Ryan Jones and Tom Coburn from Morrison-Maierle for helping make this project possible.

In Helena, we were thrilled to provide the Helena Education Foundation with a $5,000 Great Ideas Grant at Capital High School in Helena, MT.

Mr. Kain, a shop teacher at Capital High, wrote his grant for electrical simulation equipment that will allow him to safely teach basic electrical wiring. The simulator ensures the students have no risk of being shocked while learning the basics of AC electrical wiring. We are grateful to be able to support practical learning experiences for construction technologies. Electrical engineers Mike Brandt and Brian Literski were on hand to present Mr. Kain with his grant.