Morrison-Maierle has hired its first-ever training and development specialist to help with continuing education and professional development. Tessa Greene, who has a broad range of experience in finance and non-profit work, will spearhead the company’s training efforts. Her work includes launching the Emerging Leaders Program for early career employee-owners and supporting the mid- to senior-level Leadership Alliance group, among other opportunities for employee-owners.

Before coming to Morrison-Maierle, she worked at SG Long Financial as the Chief Compliance Officer and spent time in the fundraising department at the University of Montana. She says she’s looking forward “to applying that experience to help connect Morrison-Maierle employee-owners with resources and tools that allow them to excel in their roles.”

We sat down with Tessa to learn more about Morrison-Maierle’s new Emerging Leaders Program.

Q: Describe Morrison-Maierle’s Emerging Leaders Program?

A: Sure! This program will occur annually. In our pilot program, we are partnering with Bret Romney of Ascend Strategies. Bret will co-manage the program with me as part of my duties as Morrison-Maierle’s new training and development specialist. Senior leaders and other internal experts will join the group to present various topics, transfer knowledge, and forge connections with participants.

Q: Who is this program for? And who will gain the most from it?

A: This program is aimed at regular full-time employee-owners. We prioritize those with 2-5 years of professional experience (obtained at Morrison-Maierle or in another professional setting), but anyone is welcome to apply!

Q: How many people will be admitted to each class?

A: The roster will be limited to 12-14 individuals from all market groups and departments.

Q: Why is Morrison-Maierle launching this program?

A: Our strategic plan states that “our people are the cornerstone of our business and success.” To that end, Morrison-Maierle is committed to providing opportunities for our employee-owners to build their skills and advance their careers.