Stormwater Solution for a Busy Airport

Billings-Logan International Airport hired Morrison-Maierle to come up with a solution that included a multi-phased project better to control the large stormwater events on the airfield, detain the large volume of water in a new pond structure, and drain the ponds through an underground pipe — at a predetermined rate — to nearby creek drainage.

Phase 1 included two 48-inch tunnel bores installed under the main air carrier runway to alleviate mid-field ponding and water flowing over the runway during large storms. This also required the team to find a way to directionally drill a 30-inch pipe down a 130-foot sandstone cliff at a 30% slope.

Phase 2 included installing underground piping from the airport’s north side to the Alkali Creek drainage and building large stormwater detention ponds near the existing Pond D structure.

As a result, the Billings airport is now ready for storms of any kind with a system that can effectively move water from the airfield to a nearby creek.