A New Community Center

Missoula Public Library’s main facility was built in 1974 when Missoula County’s population was half its current size. The 1970s plan for the building did not anticipate population growth, the role of public libraries in a changing society, or that everyone would need access to computers and the internet for work, school, and communication. As a result, the city’s existing library was not keeping up with the modern demands of a changing society. Taking the library’s past into consideration, the team focused the new design on changing technology, accommodating future growth, upholding sustainability, and creating a space for engagement in the community.

After conducting a feasibility study, in 2016, Missoula County voters approved a bond that would partially fund the project. A&E Design hired Morrison-Maierle to assist with the engineering design of the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and site/civil engineering services.

In the summer of 2021, the Missoula Public Library officially opened its doors to the community. Thanks to smart design and an unmatched commitment from a variety of stakeholders, this versatile space will be an asset for the community for years to come.