A Connection for Growth

The North Sheridan Interchange (NSI) project included reconstructing and relocating the interchange and improving I-90 and the city’s major north-south access road, North Main Street. This interchange is the first one serving the City of Sheridan for I-90 eastbound traffic and the last for I-90 westbound vehicles.

The original NSI was constructed in 1962 and met the design standards of the time. Transportation standards have changed to address new safety concerns, and this project dealt with issues like interchange deficiencies, limited connectivity, pavement deterioration, drainage, curb-and-gutter and sewer blockages, and lack of pedestrian sidewalks.

After early and extensive public outreach efforts; coordination with local, state, city, and federal stakeholders; a lengthy environmental review process; and execution of a master plan, the city now has an interchange that addresses the deficiencies of the former structure, meets the needs of the public, provides an aesthetically pleasing entrance to the city, that will also help boost the economy in this growing community.