Don't Get Caught in the Dark

Don’t Get Caught in the Dark
Understanding and Applying NEC Sections 700.12 and 700.17

By Garth Stevens, PE

Modern building codes and standards provide we are never left in complete darkness for more than a few seconds. For this we can thank the National Electric Code’s two sections—700.12 and 700.17. However, interpreting these sections can create questions when it comes to correct applications and the ability to meet code requirements. This whitepaper answers these questions, provides guidance, and offers several scenarios and use cases.DOWNLOAD NOW →

Client Trends Report: Aligning Our World With Yours

Client Trends Report: Aligning Our World With Yours

The industries engineers, land surveyors, scientists, and planners serve are rapidly changing to meet new requirements, regulations, and changes in our society. These industries include aviation, industrial, energy/power, water/wastewater/stormwater, transportation, commercial and residential facilities, and land development.

In order to better understand these changes, we interviewed dozens of our clients to gauge their opinions, predictions, and insights to help determine how the engineering profession could respond over the next three to five years.

We want to pass along what we learned. We believe that facility managers, airport directors, public works officials, architects, and many others will find value in these findings. GET THE REPORT →

Morrison-Maierle Whitepaper

Process and Instrumentation Diagram Basics

By Brian Literski, PE

At Morrison-Maierle, we use Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) as cornerstones for industrial or water-wastewater projects. The power of P&IDs is their ability to graphically show how physical process elements – like piping and equipment – interact with control systems. Although they appear complex at first glance, P&IDs can describe a process in great detail during the design phase and help troubleshoot operational issues down the road. This whitepaper provides guidelines, best practices, and sample downloads so you can begin learning about this powerful tool.Download Now →