Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports reflect life at Morrison-Maierle. Please click on the covers below to read the reports in PDF format.

2021 Year in Review

Morrison-Maierle Year in Review 2020Last year was an important year for the growth of Morrison-Maierle. In 2021, we adopted a new strategic plan, elevated colleagues to positions of leadership, and won awards for technical excellence and best-in-class client service.

2020 Year in Review

Morrison-Maierle Year in Review 20202020 was one for the record books. We celebrated our 75th year in business and turned over a new leaf, figuratively speaking: We wrapped our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan and embarked on a bold course of action with a new strategic plan. All the while, Morrison-Maierle’s employee-owners continued to offer excellence in client service, resulting in award winning projects.

2019 Year in Review

Morrison-Maierle Year in Review 2019 Last year Morrison-Maierle’s employee-owners worked together to strengthen their connections with their clients, communities, and colleagues. In that pursuit, we focused on delivering quality result that met our clients needs while making our communities stronger. 2019 was a strong year for us as a company, and we are eager to continue that trend into 2020.

2018 Year in Review

morrison-maierle 2018 year in review reportMorrison-Maierle and Morrison-Maierle Systems continues to evolve as a company of employee-owners who care deeply about each other, our clients, and community relationships. In 2018, we moved closer to our goals lined out by our VISION2020 by living our core purpose and values, embracing excellence, and creating new opportunities.

2017 Year in Review

morrison maierle annual report 2017Morrison-Maierle’s transition to a 100-percent ESOP-owned company in 2017 provided the opportunity to give new attention to our core purpose. Throughout the year, we examined what employee-ownership means and celebrated our transition throughout the year with a campaign that reflected four essential elements of being an ESOP company: own, earn, live, and share.

2016 Year in Review

Last year was full of transitions at Morrison-Maierle. With three acquisitions complete, a change in status as a 100-percent ESOP company, and shifts in leadership, our company is now positioned to take on new challenges and continue on its path to achieve its VISION2020 goals. To read more about our transitions and to celebrate our 2016 accomplishments and employee-owners, click on the cover image to download our Annual Report.

2015 Year in Review

Morrison-Maierle 2015 Year in ReviewLooking back at 2015, we focused on many of the things in our past to propel us to new opportunities in the future. From our expansion into Wyoming with the acquisition of Holm, Blough and Company to the continuation into our VISION2020 with our new branding package in place, life at Morrison-Maierle is not only productive, but is paving the way for a bright future. To read more about the things we accomplished in 2015, click on the image to the left to download our Annual Report.

2014 Year in Review

In 2014, we chose to highlight our Year in Review report on Morrison-Maierle’s employee-owners. In “Celebrating Our People,” President Bob Morrison said it best: “Our company is truly only as good as our people. Fortunately, we have really outstanding people.” To read more about the events, activities, awards, promotions, retirements and community volunteer efforts from our people, click on the image to the left to download the 2014 Year in Review.

2013 Year in Review

In 2013, we crafted Vision 2020, our six-year plan for growth and development by 2020. This annual report highlights the six tenets of our Vision 2020, the work that has already been accomplished, and the plan that sets the foundation as we move forward. These tenets are Culture, Leadership, Collaboration, Opportunity, Community, and Excellence. Click on the image to the left to download the 2014 Annual Report.