Morrison-Maierle is an employee-owned company.At the beginning of 2017, Morrison-Maierle became a 100 percent employee-owned company. We are very proud of this accomplishment as it lets our employees become owners and part of the company from their first day of work. As a result, Morrison-Maierle’s ESOP does something that “traditional” retirement plans don’t do: this plan allows our employees to have direct impact on the value of their retirement accounts.

Since 1945, Morrison-Maierle has always been an employee-owned company in one manner or another. Our 2017 conversion to a 100% ESOP is another step in the plan originally initiated by our founders, John Morrison and Joe Maierle.

Every employee can and does contribute to the growth and prosperity of Morrison-Maierle. This is really the main reason Morrison-Maierle has become, and will remain, a premiere company in the western part of the United States.