Why Morrison-Maierle?

If you thrive on work that has a broader purpose, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the oldest and largest engineering firms in the West, we’ve spent more than 70 years changing our natural and built environment for the better. Work doesn’t get much more rewarding than that.

Challenging and exciting client engagements and an organizational culture that emphasizes learning, drive every Morrison-Maierle employee to excel in their individual capacities and as project team members. Be it through technical design or project management, each client engagement provides unique opportunities to innovate and excel.

We look for staff who show enthusiasm for solving client problems and delivering meaningful results, who focus on succeeding as individuals and as part of a team, and who show a zest for making a difference outside of the office.

What we offer

Problem-Solving Opportunities − Consulting is all about helping clients to overcome their most vexing challenges. We look for candidates with the ability to frame complex problems, apply creative analytics and formulate a solution.

Personal and Professional Commitment – Morrison-Maierle affords clients the advantage of working with a staff that has a personal and professional commitment to both an individual project and a client’s long-term needs.

Quality of Life – Morrison-Maierle’s offices are central to rivers, mountains, streams and internationally recognized recreational destinations. Each office is located in a community that features public and private schools, universities, and/or technical colleges, community symphony and theaters as well as a wide range of civic groups.