Elevating the Travel Experience

The Missoula Airport hired Morrison-Maierle to help design their new passenger terminal. The new building increased airline capacity and improved safety and security for the airport and the flying public.

Key features of the award-winning airport included:

  • A state-of-the-art baggage handling system that improves security and allows faster turnaround times for airlines when processing luggage.
  • New equipment for the TSA passenger checkpoint that allows more efficient and accurate screening of passengers.
  • The new building exceeds energy efficiency standards and has been designed to LEED Silver standards.
  • Design integrated energy-efficient systems such as LED lighting, water consumption fixtures, and dynamic-glazing windows that help block ultraviolet rays and heat from entering the building, all while maintaining the full view of the surrounding landscape.
  • The HVAC system uses water pulled from the aquifer to cool the building.
  • The water is filtered and returned to the aquifer after it has cycled through the building, making it a self-sustainable system that is a highly efficient, low-cost means of heating and cooling the facility.
  • The building uses the latest technological trends to assist with messaging, wayfinding, and enhanced Wi-Fi, which all lead to an improved experience for the passenger.
  • Accessibility – The building is designed to make travel easier for those in need of accessibility assistance. ADA-compliant escalators and elevators, a service animal relief area, enhanced audio/visual signage, and family restrooms, among other design features.
  • This building is one of four terminals in the country that is recognized for being a “sensory inclusive” facility by KultureCity.
  • Visitors with autism, dementia, PTSD, and other sensory sensitivities can get a virtual tour of the terminal (that was completed by the design team) before arriving and can also get additional materials to help cope with their visit to the Missoula Montana Airport Terminal.