By Chandra McCarthy, PE

You are slouching at your desk, about to enter a heat-induced napping session. How is it that your coworker is merrily working away in a sweater? He must be part reptile. You try to keep your eyes open and continue working, but your vision drifts. A sleepy glance at the thermostat reveals that it is 74°F inside.

Wait, what? It feels more like 84°F! You know from experience at home that 74°F should feel like a cool oasis. So why are your feet saturating your socks with sweat right now? It cannot actually be 74°F. The thermostat must be faulty!

While there is a chance that your thermostat is a dud, there are several other explanations. Before you chuck it out the window for lying to you, here are six tips to help you understand and get the most out of your thermostat.