Have you ever been up against a wall with your water distribution system? Has your pump station reached or even gone beyond maximum capacity? Do you find yourself scrambling to keep up with new developments? If you’re experiencing any of these scenarios, chances are your current pump station might be at the end of its lifecycle, and you need to plan for a new one. With all the problems you’re experiencing, you needed that new pump station yesterday.

To help facilitate schedules while meeting various needs with future improvements, sometimes you need to explore alternatives. Fortunately, there are three options available to help construct your new facility and get it up and running within your scheduled constraints—a pre-packaged station, a pre-packaged skid inside a built-in-place building, or a custom built-in-place pump station.

While the selected pump station construction method will dictate what kinds of customizations are available and drive the construction schedule itself, each of the following solutions have unique construction methodologies, construction sequencing, and scheduling impacts.