Trenchless Design for Convenient Construction

The City of Billings is one of the fastest-growing communities in Montana. Keeping future expansions and the condition of its current infrastructure in mind, the city determined it was time to upgrade its 1980s-era 48-inch and 60-inch wastewater interceptor.

Based on their 2018 study, Morrison-Maierle designed a 4,735 linear-foot trenchless rehabilitation solution for this busy area’s 60-inch sanitary sewer interceptor main. Instead of disturbing streets, railroads, and pedestrian walkways through traditional open-cut construction, they used the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) method to avoid open-cut excavation as the project went through downtown, the railroad right-of-way, Highway 87, and a state superfund site. The project team also lined 13 manholes with a polyurea liner to avoid the costly replacement of large tee and box manhole structures.