Arian Bloomfield
Vice President and Buildings Market Group Leader
Office Location: Missoula

Arian Bloomfield

Growing up around construction sites helped Arian develop an early interest in building. As our Buildings Market Group Leader, he translates that same passion into the work he does today.

An expert in electrical design for vertical construction with an emphasis on energy efficiency, he has had plenty of opportunities to work on projects that benefit the community. “There is nothing like volunteering in a school we helped design, checking out a book from a library we helped make possible, flying from one of our airports, or attending a game in one of our athletic facilities—it just makes what we do seem so much more important and real,” he says.

Communication is first and foremost for Arian. Whether engaging with his clients, his staff, or community members, he prides himself on maintaining direct, consistent, and clear communication that allows him to meet the needs of both his team and our clients.

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