Dialing in a Membrane Bioreactor for Nutrient Removal

Held Thu, May 21, 2020

The Butte wastewater treatment plant was upgraded in 2017 with advanced nutrient removal capabilities. Their plant uses a membrane bioreactor (MBR) with chemical addition to achieve very low effluent nutrient concentrations. This webinar presented results for optimizing nutrient removal, examining effectiveness of biological treatment alone and in combination with chemical addition. The MBR’s capabilities for metals removal was also discussed.

Topics covered include:

  • Learn about biological nutrient removal
  • Understand how to achieve advanced nutrient removal with chemical addition
  • Learn how to optimize biological processes and chemical addition for nutrient removal
  • Examine the effectiveness for metals removal by an activated sludge process followed by ultrafiltration

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Rika Lashley

Rika Lashley is a professional engineer with 14 years of experience in environmental engineering. In 2012/13, Rika was instrumental during design of the Butte wastewater treatment plant upgrades, particularly for the fine screening facility and the bioreactors. Rika is an active member of WEF and AWWA and lives in Helena with her family.