3D Laser Scanning Services

Our goal is to provide our clients with an efficient and effective way to view and identify potential design and construction issues before they are encountered in the field. 3D Laser Scanning is a versatile solution that can be used in many applications such as:

  • Surveying – Detailed 3D mapping in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas such as busy traffic intersections, bridges, transmission lines, substations, and cellular communication sites.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Provide point clouds for digital high definition 3D models to support the design of buildings and their components from concept to design, construction, and as-built.
  • Industrial Facilities – Capture highly accurate measurements and create 3D models when there is no existing CAD data available. Perform detailed inspections and comparisons to existing models, surfaces and point clouds.
  • Accident Reconstruction – Provide highly detailed 3D models used to analyze accident scenes by reconstruction experts.
  • Historic Preservation – 3D models and imagery to support documentation of historic sites for preservation, renovations, and repairs.
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Sample Projects

Stillwater Mining Company, Columbus MT. Morrison-Maierle completed a 3D laser scan of seven floors within the furnace area of Stillwater Mining Company’s smelter at its metallurgical complex in Columbus, Montana. Scanning the area included referencing survey grade control in order to create a georeferenced point cloud of the existing features. The highly detailed point cloud was used to evaluate whether or not structural elements in the smelter were being affected by high temperatures.

Chinook Water Treatment Plant, Chinook, MT. As part of creating design and construction documents for the expansion of the existing water treatment plant, Morrison-Maierle completed a 3D laser scan in order to create a detailed 3-dimensional model of the plant’s existing conditions. The scan helped point out inaccuracies between existing as-built drawings and the existing conditions, which resulted in fewer change orders and work stoppage during the construction phase.

VA Montana Health Care System, Fort Harrison, Helena, MT. Morrison-Maierle completed a 3D laser scan of the exterior of the VA Medical Center at Fort Harrison. The point cloud was used to create a 3D computer model in Revit 2015 of the existing site conditions, which allowed the VA to accurately assess existing conditions and aid in the planning of future expansion efforts. The scan included over 75 scans which included the inside of the entire boiler facility.

City of Bozeman Parking Garage, Bozeman MT. After multiple cracks started to form in several areas of the parking garage, Morrison-Maierle was hired to complete a 3D laser scan of the garage as part of the City of Bozeman’s structural monitoring plan. Multiple scans, at specified intervals, will be completed in order to compare existing site conditions. The structural monitoring of the parking garage required a highly accurate as-built of the existing condition with the ability to repeat the as-built process as needed. With the density of the point clouds, and 3D panoramic imagery created by Morrison-Maierle, the City of Bozeman will be able to confidently assess whether existing cracks are growing, and whether or not new cracks are forming.

Kinross Fort Knox Gold Mine, Fairbanks AK. The Fort Knox project required Morrison-Maierle to perform a 3D scan of the interior of the mill carbon strip to assist the retro fitting of several 36-inch- diameter pipes. Due to the large amount of existing pipe and structural elements within the Mill Carbon Strip, Morrison-Maierle created 3D scans for construction as-built purposes as well as clash detection in the routing of new pipe.

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