Employee Ownership in 2020

From “Day 1,” employees are owners of Morrison-Maierle. Employee-ownership gives us the opportunity to contribute to the future of our company. One of these opportunities unfolded in 2020 with the creation of our new Employee Ownership Committee (EOC).

In addition to the EOC getting off the ground, we also want to congratulate the employee-owners listed below for their years of service as vested employees.

Employee Ownership Committee

In 2020, Morrison-Maierle established its first ever Employee Ownership Committee (EOC). The purpose of the EOC is to promote an ownership mindset throughout the company. At Morrison-Maierle, everyone has the opportunity, ability, and responsibility to actively influence our future and success.

Members of the EOC represent seven different offices and most market and functional groups. These members’ years of employment range from one to more than ten years at Morrison-Maierle.

The EOC focuses on enhancing our employee-owner culture through two methods: education and celebration of employee-ownership. They’ve hit the ground running and plan to launch several new initiatives in 2021.

We’re Vested!

As an employee-owned company, Morrison-Maierle employees become fully vested after six years of service. Here’s our list of employee-owners who moved into a new level of ownership in 2020:

6-11 Years

12-17 Years

18-23 Years

24 Years